What Causes Immune problems

The immune system is known for defending the body against disease-causing microorganisms. It produces antibodies and stimulates specialized cells as a response to destroy or neutralize toxic products from foreign organisms like bacteria, germs or viruses. However, sometimes, the immune system fails to this excellent job. As a result, bacteria invades the body and succeeds in making the body sick.

So, what prevents the immune system from doing its duty of protecting the body?

When the Immune system gets attacked by too many invaders including bacteria, drugs, chemical irritants and environmental pollutants, it becomes weak and vulnerable to foreign attacks. Eventually, the system, which was once strong, becomes misprogrammed and unable to identify mutated cells. Again, the disorganized immune system then starts to wrongly identify essential healthy body cells as the enemy and attacks them hence harming the body.

Practicing general good health lifestyle is essential element to strengthening the immune system or maintaining an already healthy system. Apparently, we need to adopt healthy living strategies to boost the Immune System. But how?

1. Watch what You Eat

Ensure your nutrition is always a balanced diet of foods such as fruits and vegetables to improve your PH. Your diet should consist of meals that have a low saturation of fats. But, note that, a balanced consumption of healthy fats like omega 3 s& 6s is essential for the manufacture of prostaglandin element which kills invaders. Basic flu-fighting foods include Yoghurt, Oats and Barley, Shellfish Chicken soup, tea among others. Moreover, consuming excess meat, dairy, sugars, and cooked grain as they increase the acidity of your body.

2. Clean Your Environment

Environmental contaminations including Air pollution, water pollution, and heavy metal exposure is a barrier to the effectiveness of the immune system. To optimize your immune system, you need to filter your water efficiently, maintain a clean house and remove elements of heavy metals around you. Generally, the body operates much better when protected from any attack by a contaminated environmental but can be fortified by various healthy-living precautions.

3. Limit coffee

High levels of coffee can attack the small intestine by impeding the villi. As a result, the body’s ability to assimilate nutrient like calcium, magnesium, and potassium is minimized. Also, coffee dehydrates the body. So, even if you love coffee, consider skipping it sometimes or ensure you drink more than two cups of water after taking a cup of coffee.

4. Additional healthy living elements include regular exercises, proper management of body weight and blood pressure, and adequate sleep. Again, you can implement steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking your meals thoroughly. Remember to get regular medical screening tests necessary for your age group.

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